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Africa Off the Beaten Track

Capture the beauty of isolation

A hideaway hut in the heart of the Savanna, a long-abandoned fishing boat rocking against the shore, an overgrown house hiding in a forest - shed light on the hidden places of Africa. This category requires divergent thinking and an appetite for adventure. Away from the beaten path and city bustle are the hidden secrets and true beauty of Africa. We want to see what you’ve found on your adventures, what secrets have you discovered?

About Rhino Africa

Rhino Africa is Africa’s leading safari company and four-time World Travel Award winner. Founded in Cape Town in 2004, Rhino Africa is the ultimate African travel experts with the incomparable knowledge and experience to ensure that your tailor-made African holiday is the best you'll ever have.

What we do

From Southern Africa to the Serengeti, and Madagascar to the Masai Mara - Rhino Africa allows you to discover the corners of the continent in a sustainable way. Every year more than 15,000 people come to us and allow our expert consultants to use their knowledge and experience to design them a bespoke itinerary. Our core business enables us to engage in areas of nature conservation, animal welfare and rural education in Africa. Each guest travelling with us therefore forms part of a larger project which aims to leave behind a positive footprint in the lands of Africa.

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