Africa Through My Lens

What does Africa mean to you?

We all experience the same world but through different lenses. That is why photography is such an expressive medium. It shows us an angle or point of view we may not have seen through our own eyes. We want to know what Africa means to you, is it the silhouetted baobab in the bright orange sky? Or an action shot of a leopard making its move on its prey? Maybe it's a tender moment between a lioness and her cub. Whatever Africa means to you, we showcase it in this gallery.


Take a look at the Africa through my lens winners.

About Rhino Africa

Rhino Africa is Africa’s leading safari company and four-time World Travel Award winner. Founded in Cape Town in 2004, Rhino Africa is the ultimate African travel experts with the incomparable knowledge and experience to ensure that your tailor-made African holiday is the best you'll ever have.

What we do

From South Africa to the Serengeti and Madagascar to the Maasai Mara, Rhino Africa specialises in sending travellers to see the extraordinary sights of Africa. Whether you’d like to see the Great Migration or go on a beach vacation, Rhino Africa can ensure your dream trip becomes a reality. Rhino Africa brings over 15,000 people to Africa a year, which allows us to passionately support the causes we care about, conservation and rural education, and for our travellers to leave a lasting legacy in Africa.

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