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Arnfinn Johansen, Norway - Leopard in the morning light (1).jpg


Thorsten Hanewald

Ruelzheim, Germany

Thorsten Hanewald's "Kissed by Mum" has been voted the winner of Africa's Photographer of the Year's 'New Beginnings' category! Thorsten walks away with the quarterly prize of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Companion 10x30 Wild Nature Binoculars, valued at $2,400.

January - March Winner

Daniel Paul Ryan
Bath, United Kingdom;

The Calf

Karen Blackwood
Denver, USA


Mike Dexter
Vredenburg, South Africa

A flap necked chameleon sheds the final tattered remains of old skin, revealing the bright vivid skin beneath that it will wear into the future. An apt metaphor for current times.

Philip Judd
Sudbury, United Kingdom

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